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Gio Marin

Gio is a fitness enthusiast and dedicated weightlifter, passionately committed to a plant-based lifestyle. He challenges the norms of physical health and strength training with his rigorous six-day-a-week gym regimen. As a co-host of the Mindful Muscle Podcast, Gio explores and shares innovative fitness strategies, nutrition tips, and personal growth tactics aimed at enhancing physical well-being and athletic performance. His goal is to inspire others to achieve their fitness objectives through resilience and disciplined living.
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Jodi Dolo

Jodi is a dedicated advocate for healthy living, having conquered a health scare and losing about 90 pounds. She's committed to inspiring and helping others in reaching their goals. Recently certified as a nutritionist and personal trainer, Jodi aims to blend her passion for sustainable nutrition and weightlifting with a priority on mindset to foster enduring health transformations. Her down-to-earth approach and motivating journey form the core of her coaching philosophy, showcased on the Mindful Muscle Podcast, where she provides practical guidance on fitness, nutrition, and personal growth.